You want to sell ?

Putting a property up for sale is a big step and having all the cards needed to have a winning transaction is paramount. Use my free professional services and online documentation to help you properly prepare this big step!

Seller's practical guide

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« Tout au long du cheminement nous nous sommes senti entre de bonnes mains ! Que ce soit pour la sélection des immeubles à visiter, la réception des fiches descriptives, les informations en extra recueillies à même... Testimonies >

How to choose your real estate broker

The transaction process requires different skills in different fields, affecting rights, the law, real estate appraisal, negotiation, construction ... As a transaction may take several months, present complex situations and be time consuming, it is important to choose a broker you have confidence in.

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Practical tips for selling your home

You are considering putting your property on the market and want to get the odds in your favor? Here is a list of inexpensive tips to help you maximize your selling price

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Some errors to be avoided during the sale of your house

The sale of a property can present some easy to prevent traps when you know about them… Here are some small tips to help you in this important transaction.

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