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Agence de l’efficacité énergétique

This site provides a wealth of information about energy efficiency from Quebec. The information offered is mainly in French, but some pages have been translated in English. This section gives direct access to English documentation

APQ - Association des propriétaires du Québec

The APQ (Association des propriétaires du Québec – Québec Landlords’ Association) was founded in 1984 and has more than 8000 members. Its mission has always been to defend and protect the interests of rental unit building owners in Québec.


Founded in 1980, CORPIQ is the most important association of rental property owners and managers in Québec. Its members from all regions can own a single dwelling or as much as hundreds of dwellings.

Gaz Métropolitain

With more than $2 billion in assets and more than 1,500 employees in Québec, Gaz Métro is a major Québec energy company and one of the largest natural gas distributors in Canada. Gaz Métro serves some 157,500 customers in Québec with a network of almost 10,000 km of underground pipelines. Vermont Gas System, a subsidiary, serves approximately 36,000 customers